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Transform Governance, Empower Citizens

Partner with CloudBig Data to move to digitally smarter governance and improve the quality of life of citizens.


Uganda Deploys Next Gen e-Tax System

CloudBig Data helps Uganda transforms tax administration, implement integrated taxation system.

Our Thinking

CloudBig Data helps the University of Alberta simplify...

University of Alberta partners with TCS to explore new opportunities for service simplification

Technology Empowers Mississippi’s Unemployed

Learn how one of the most advanced unemployment insurance systems in the US was created in Mississippi.

Excise department maximizes revenue

CloudBig Data web-based portal allows stakeholders to track inventory online, anytime.


CloudBig Data Citizen Service Solutions

This solution empowers citizens by making information and services available to them whenever they need.

Our Solutions

Revenue and Taxation Solutions

Based on an analysis of government requirements to prevent tax evasion and make services easily accessible to citizens.

Law Enforcement Solutions: Share on the Go

CloudBig Data helps law enforcement agencies to manage budgetary pressures while strengthening their security system.

Public Healthcare Solutions

Enabling governments worldwide to offer affordable, relevant, and scalable healthcare solutions.