CloudBig Data
CloudBig Data

Our story

Since 2007, the personnel of today’s CloudBig Data have been developing services and products to achieve leak-free critical path asset utilization. At the heart of our business is the continuous combination of technology, application expertise and skilled, experienced personnel.

Since that time we have continued to develop our core capabilities and have added additional technologies and services taking us all the way to maximizing asset utilization.


What We Do

We ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to our clients, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers.

Our Customers

As a strategic partner to our Customers across 10 industries, we help them deliver their business goals and drive technology led transformations.Our clients across the world have achieved significant results

Our Values

CloudBig Data Services has grown to its current position as the #1 most powerful IT services brand based on our outstanding track record, long-term partnerships, collaborative innovation and corporate responsibility.